What is the City’s Snow Removal Policy

The goal of the Streets division of Public Works is to have the streets plowed or treated as soon as possible after the end of a storm, or within 24 hours after a major storm.

During the winter months, Public Works management constantly monitors weather forecasts to identify storms that could threaten driving conditions. When staff identifies a probable threat, city crews swing into action, pre-treating target bridges and streets.

As the storm hits, crews focus on keeping intersections open and safe. As the storm lets up, crews expand their routesaccording to our policy: emergency routes first, then primary and secondary routes. Snow routes are our first priority. View the snow routes map.

As time and personnel permits, we will also be working on public parking lots,public alleyways, public sidewalks, and residential streets. Sorry, crews do not remove snow from private property.

If you have a disability or special condition that requires clearance on your residential street, call our Public Works HelpLine at 913-367-5561.If warranted, we’ll add you to our priority list following snow routes. Please do not call more than once in a 24-hour period — we’re working on it and we’ll get to you as soon as we can. Promise.

How you can help:

  • Clear the sidewalk adjacent to your property. Any sidewalk located on a private property easement is the responsibility of the property owner(s) to maintain and allow public access, particularly during winter weather.
  • Clear your alleyway, especially if it’s your garage access. Like sidewalks, alleyways are public thoroughfares but the responsibility for upkeep falls on the private property owner. You may consider partnering withyour neighbors to employ a plowing service to clear your alleyways during wintertime.
  • If you don’t need to travel during winter storms, don’t. Stay put.
  • If you are out on the roads during or after a winter storm, don’t follow too closely behind the snow plows and emergency vehicles. This can be very dangerous for both you and the driver.
  • If you live on an emergency, primary, or secondary snow route, move your on-street vehicle onto your property or onto a side street as soon as the storm starts. This allows city crews to quickly and cleanly plow the entire street, giving you quicker access to good parking again and eliminating the need to dig out your car or worry about damage to your vehicle.

Questions? Contact our Public Works HelpLine at 913-367-5561.

Even if I’m behind on my city utility payments, doesn’t the City have to keep my water on if it’s below freezing outside?

No. Utilities are provided to customers who pay on-time and in-full for the services they use. There is no cold weather provision for water.

If the City shuts off my water and the pipes burst, isn’t the City liable?

No. It is a customer’s decision to establish water service and the customer’s responsibility to pay for the service. If payment is not rendered for services used, the City is not responsible for maintaining service or what happens after service is disconnected to private property.

Is there a charge for refuse special pick-up?

No. Special pick-ups are provided as a courtesy to our customers, but scheduling may be limited at times. Call the City Shop at 913-367-5561 to schedule your pick-up.

Can I opt out of refuse service?

No. Residential refuse collection is mandatory; it is not optional. Refuse collection is provided to City of Atchison residential utility customers at no additional charge. Contact the Utility Office at 913-367-5500 for information on fees for additional refuse carts.

How do I know what day my trash gets picked-up?

Call us at 913-367-5561 with your address. We’re happy to help! Check out the Solid Waste and Recycling page to view the latest Solid Waste/Recycling calendar .

Why wasn’t a county road plowed?

The City maintains city streets, i.e. those within our jurisdiction. The road you were driving on is a county road. If you’ve got a complaint about roads outside of the city, your best bet is to direct it to the organization responsible – Atchison County or KDOT. If you’ve got feedback on how we’re doing with city streets, please let us know!