Thank you for opening your heart and home to a loving forever pet. Rescue pets will always remember your act of kindness.

Our shelter facilities are modest, located within the City’s Public Works yard for safe-keeping, but the hard-luck dogs that are available for adoption are truly gems.

Are you nervous about adopting a shelter dog? Does it seem riskier than purchasing from a breeder or pet shop? If they’re in the shelter, is there something wrong with them? The reality is that shelter dogs are perfectly good dogs,some of who started life at a breeders’ or a pet shop, who were let down by their owners along the way.

If only we had a nickle for every time an adoptee bonds with an adoptable dog and asks in disbelief, “He’s seems perfect … What’s wrong with him?” The answer is usually, “Nothing!” Every week we pick up perfectly good dogs, capable of being excellent pets in the right home, who have been discarded, abused, or outgrown by careless people.

While some adoptable dogs could benefit from better training, socialization, or just a better-suited home environment (as do many dogs still in their owner’s care), the dogs we greenlight for adoption are capable of being well-behaved, loving, lifelong companions.

Well-adjusted, prepared owners are the biggest difference in creating a well-adjusted dog. If you can provide discipline, food and shelter, medical care, and love for a dog, please consider one of our shelter dogs.

Preparing To Adopt

Before you adopt, carefully consider the animal and breed that best fits your lifestyle and demands a level of care that you are capable of providing. As the pet owner, you alone have the responsibility to pick a suitable animal.

To adopt one of our animals, email us or leave us a message at 913/367-5530. We’re a mobile unit, so we’re in and out of the shelter but will return your call as soon as possible.

Adoption fees are generally $30.00 with an additional $30.00 spay/neuter deposit. Adoption fees may be more if the animal was seen by a veterinarian.Spay/neuter deposit is refundable if you can provide proof of spay/neuter within 30 days of adoption or until the dog is 6 months of age.

Donations are always welcome as well. Any donations received will be used 100% to increase the level of shelter care, owner education, and adoption recruitment services currently limited by budget constraints.

Additional Resources