Interested in a career as a firefighter?

Please Call the Fire Department at 913-367-4329 to find out about openings and how to apply.

The Atchison Fire Department is staffed by eighteen full-time firefighters who take great pride in their professionalism. The department prioritizes training, staying abreast of advances in technology.

If you have a passion for public safety, outstanding conduct, and serving as a key member of a professional team, consider joining us.

Employment with the Atchison Fire Department is based solely upon the applicant’s individual merit, without regard to race, color, sex, disability, religion, age, national origin or ancestry.



You must be 18 years of age at the time of employment.

Personal History

You must be a citizen of the United States (KSA 74-5606 (a)), of good ethical character and able to pass a rigid background investigation. No felony convictions.


You must have a driver’s license in the state where you reside is required. You must be able to obtain a valid Class B driver’s license.


You must be correctable to 20/20 in each eye. Due to required safety restrictions, you cannot be colorblind.


You must have at least a high school diploma or its equivalent.


Following qualification on all other factors, you must receive satisfactory scores from a panel interview and be selected for employment.

Physical Exam

Upon offer of employment, you must pass a physical screening and drug test.


Residency within ten minutes of the Fire department: 218 N 6th St. Atchison, KS 66002 is preferred, however consideration will be made to individuals who live outside this parameter. This exception may be made by the Fire Chief or City Manager.

The following conditions automatically disqualify applicants from consideration:

  1. The use of marijuana within the past 12 months.
  2. Consumption of any narcotics or hallucinatory drugs, either consumed orally or intravenously.
  3. The sale or possession of any illegal drugs and/or contraband.
  4. Theft from employers or others.
  5. Pending legal action involving DUI, including, but not limited to, diversion agreements involving applicant’s driver’s license.


Hiring Process: 

Public Safety Interview

This interview is conducted by a panel made up of Fire Department Officers and City Staff.

Chief’s Interview

The number of applicants to be interviewed by the Chief will be selected following the Public Safety Interview.

Physical Examination

Following an offer of employment the applicant must successfully pass a physical examination, substance abuse screening, and respiratory protection medical evaluation administered by a licensed health care professional.


Physical Agility Test (may be required within the fist 12 months of employment)

We will accept a current Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) or the following:

After Employment, candidates will be given approximately 20 minutes to complete a physical agility test offered within the first year of employment.

Order of agility test:

  1. Hose Roll – Applicant rolls and unrolls 50 feet of 3″ double-jacketed hose.
  2. Ladder Set-up – Applicant removes a 14 foot aluminum alloy roof ladder from the holders provided and sets the ladder in position for climbing at the appropriate spotting location. Applicant then climbs up and off the ladder.
  3. Hose Advance- Applicant drags 100 feet of 3″ double jacketed hose approximately 100 feet to the ramp.
  4. Citizen Assist – Applicant moves an approximate 135-pound rescue dummy 100 feet back to the starting location of the Hose Advance. Applicant descends this ladder and replaces it in the holder it was originally cradled in and proceeds to next event.
  5. Extension Ladder Climbing – Applicant proceeds to the training tower and climbs a secured 35 foot extension ladder to the fourth floor of the tower and step off onto the landing.
  6. Equipment Hoisting – Applicant hoists a 50-foot section of 3-inch hose using the rope provided, descends the tower to next event.
  7. Fire Extension – Applicant advances on a simulated rafter that runs perpendicular and abutted against another simulated rafter that passes through and under a low hanging simulated roof line.
  8. High Rise – Applicant carries standpipe pack and sledge hammer from its stored position to the 4th floor of the training tower.
  9. Ventilation – Applicant while standing on the 4th floor of the training tower will strike the target object 56 times using a 10-pound sledgehammer to simulate an axe. Target must be struck with enough force to simulate venting a roof.
  10. Return to Quarters – Applicant returns to the ground level of the training tower with standpipe pack and sledgehammer and proceeds outside to the finish. Time is stopped.

All tasks must be completed in continuous sequence, therefore if the applicant must stop to rest the person timing the events will ask the applicant to continue on. If the applicant is unable to continue, time will stop and the test will end incomplete.

A time limit of twenty (20) minutes is allowed to complete the test. Failure to complete the test in the time limits will also be incomplete. The physical agility testing is strictly pass or fail.

Failure to complete the physical agility test could result in disqualification. A second attempt may be granted by the Fire Chief if extenuating circumstances can be presented.




Salary ranges are set by the City Commission.

Holiday Pay

Firefighters receive double time pay for 11 city holidays. A minimum of 12 holiday hours shall be earned by each shift employee for each holiday.


All personnel are subject to overtime assignments as deemed necessary. This includes call back for emergencies and required minimum manning levels.


Vacation is accrued according to years of service, from an annual accrual of 112 hours up to 224 hours.

Comp Time

Personnel are compensated at 1.5x for hours worked over 204 hours in our scheduled 27-day work period.


Firefighters shall be members of the Kansas Police & Firemen’s retirement system upon their first date of employment with the City of Atchison. This is a contribution plan; withholding will be automatically deducted from earnings.

Medical Insurance

All employees are eligible for group medical insurance, including dental, vision, life, and other supplemental benefits that may be offered during the coverage year. During any authorized leave of absence, the City will maintain its contribution towards health insurance.

Sick Leave

Sick leave is accrued at the rate of 5.17 hours for every bi-weekly pay period worked.

Work Week

Firefighters typically work10 or 11 24-hours shifts/month. Pay schedule is figured on a basis of 56 hours a week or 112 hours per pay period.

Shift Assignments

Firefighters are assigned to one of three shifts and will remain on that shift unless the Fire Chief deems a move necessary.


Think you’ve got what it takes? Join our team!