Atchison firefighters are proud to bring fire safety education to Atchison elementary classes through its Junior Fire Marshal Program.

Corresponding with National Fire Prevention Week, firefighters begin teaching a 5-week safety education course each October to 4th  grade students at Atchison Elementary, Trinity Lutheran, and ACES.

The Junior Fire Marshal Program builds on children’s natural curiosity and concerns about fire to empower them with information about fire behavior, fire statistics, fire prevention, and how to plan and prepare for escape in the event of a fire.

Topics include:

  • First aid for burns
  • Home fire safety inspection
  • Smoke detectors
  • Planning to get out alive
  • Fire escape plan for the home
  • 911 and You

The Junior Fire Marshal Program involves the students’ family as well. Students are encouraged to complete their assignments at home with the assistance of their family members, often opening up dialogue about fire prevention and emergency planning that adults benefit from as well.

If parents have any questions they are welcome to call Lieutenant David Downing, Jr. at 913.367.4329 or by e-mail at